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Premium Listings Fields

Thank you for upgrading your company’s listing to our Premium Plan.

Many companies will be more than happy to keep their free basic plan. However, the results of getting more customers and driving traffic to your listing will be very different.

Why upgrade to the Premium Plan?

Any business needs a constant flow of new customers. We make it easy for you.

Not only will the Premium Plan allow you to stand out from the other listings, but it will also give you the opportunity for massive SEO ranking opportunities.


We Do The Work For You: Here’s where the magic comes in. Join FatIsTheNewBlack.com, and you won’t need to worry about understanding SEO. Your company’s profile will seamlessly appear in search engines like Google.

We created the “BUSINESS DESCRIPTION” and “ADDITIONAL DETAILS” sections to help you rank in the SERPs. We then promote your profile on all the major search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. When you’re listed, your business will appear high up in the results.

Create a Beautiful Profile: Your company’s profile will look great on any device. It gives customers the information they need and you the customers you want. Prospective customers will have all the information they need to feel comfortable choosing your company by completing your company’s profile.

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The process of upgrading is quick and easy. In just a few easy steps, you’ll be part of the #1 destination for customers seeking plus-size products and services.

Below you will find the step-by-step instructions for each additional field offered by the Premium Plan. Please make sure you click the “update” button every time you make changes so you won’t lose your work.

Step 1: LISTING TYPE Once you log in and click on your account tab (top right menu,) you should see your claimed listing. Click on it, and the “Premium” option should automatically default.


Step 2: BUSINESS DESCRIPTION Enter your business description with up to 1,000 characters. Here you introduce your business because most visitors will read this section first to see if your business fits their criteria. Also, it has SEO importance, so make sure you use a couple of important keywords that describe your business.


Step 3: ADDITIONAL DETAILS This is a critical section of your Premium Listing. It is an essential SEO section. Make sure you link back to the internal pages you want to emphasize on your website. But don’t overdo it; two or three backlinks should suffice. Also, use important keywords to describe your business. Most of the SEO magic for your business happens here.


Step 4: LOGO
Here is where your company logo goes. Make sure your image size is not larger than 200 x 100 pixels. The logo file size should also be under 1000 Kilobytes.


Step 5: SCHEDULED DAYS Here is where you will enter your office hours. Even if you are a 24/7 online merchant, try to complete this section. Customers like to see if you are open when they visit your listing. It could be the difference between reaching out to you or to your competition!


Step 6: PHONE
This is where you add your phone. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE IT BLANK. The reason is that sometimes we have to reach out to you with leads and referrals; therefore, we need an office phone number. You can hide it if you do not want your phone number visible on your listing or if you do not want potential customers to call you. Slide the bar to “HIDE.”


Step 7: EMAIL Just like the phone, you have the option to hide your email from showing up in the listing. DO NOT LEAVE IT BLANK. It is where all your leads, referrals, and communication from us will go. Also, make sure it matches your user email.


You should already have a Featured Image with your Free account. Usually, it is a screenshot of your company’s website. Here, you have the opportunity to edit the featured image if you want to show a different one.

NOTE: Make sure your featured image size is 1530 x 765 pixels. Otherwise, it may look distorted or blurry.


Here, you will enter your website. It is best to use your root domain (mywebsite.com) and not an internal page. If you want to emphasize internal pages, it is best to use the “Additional Details” section. You do not want to confuse visitors by sending them to an internal page on your company’s main website link. It is where you want to introduce your company.


Step 10: VIDEO This is one of the most powerful sections of the Premium Listing. It is where you want to stand out and show them why they should buy from you and not the competition. Add your video URL (i.e., YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) Today, most online shoppers want to look at the video before making a buying decision, so make sure you use a compelling video introducing your company, services, and products.


This is another powerful component of your Premium Listing. In this image gallery, you want to add images of your products, services, or things that make your company different.

NOTE: Recommended image size is 1500 x 1000 pixels; otherwise, your images may look distorted or blurry.


Step 12: CATEGORY Select the Category carefully. Besides the SEO ranking in the “Business Description” and “Additional Details” sections, this is how most people searching for your products and services will find you. As you can see in the image below, there is a search category most people use to find specific products. If you use the wrong category type, you will put your company at a disadvantage from being seen by customers looking for what you have to offer.


This is another powerful section of the Premium Listing. Here you can add links to things such as offers, coupons, menus, delivery tracking, and many other services that will increase your customer acquisition. The easier you make it for customers to interact with your company, the higher the chances they will select your company vs. the competition.


So, for example, you want to add a photo gallery to your listing from a 3rd party company. You need to get the shortcode from that company so you can add the gallery to your listing. Here is where you would paste it.


In this section, you add all your social media channels.


Finally, you should already have this section completed from your free listing. If you need to update or make changes to your business address, this is where you would do it.



Below you can see the additional fields on a test Premium Listing. Click here for a demo.

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